Similkameen Recreation Centre landscape engagement project concludes

The Similkameen Recreation Centre has now concluded its feedback period for the draft landscape design. The design was developed through engagement with the Similkameen Recreation Commission (Electoral Areas B, G and Village of Keremeos), local experts within landscape design, RDOS staff and Regional Directors.

“The Similkameen Recreation Centre is an important community hub for all the Similkameen communities,” says RDOS Chair Mark Pendergraft. “Planning for accessible, sustainable, fiscally viable landscaping including programmable spaces aligns with the RDOS vision to of sustaining a diverse and livable region offering a high quality of life.”

Picture boards were displayed at the Centre and on RDOS Regional Connections from November 22, 2021, through December 15, 2021. Residents and visitors were invited to share their input on the designs using physical and virtual sticky notes. Comments will be reviewed for consideration in the design, which will be developed into a phased 5-year plan including identifying potential future long-term goals.

“More than ever, healthy lifestyles that facilitate personal and community resilience are a necessary component of moving forward,” says Electoral Area G Director Tim Roberts. “This phased implementation of the landscape plan for our Similkameen Recreation Centre will provide a healthy, sustainable, family-friendly environment. I look forward to sharing it with family and friends while having a welcoming place for those new to the valley.”

Feedback from the picture boards will help shape the final landscaping plan. The plan and phased implementation will be available on RDOS Regional Connections in early 2022.

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Consultation has concluded

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